Filter Cannister Gasket: MJ3-15~150 / MJ5-i / JL4

Filter Cannister Gasket: MJ3-15~150 / MJ5-i / JL4

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Conveying Filter Gasket Model: Silicon U-Shape

Fits Models:

MJ3-15~150 / MJ5-i-150~1500 / JL4 

For models MJ3 15/150

This conveying filter gasket is designed for the Filter Cannister MJ3-15~150, MJ5-i, and JL4 models. With its high quality material and precise fit, it ensures a tight seal to prevent leakage and ensure optimal performance. Perfect for industrial use, the gasket provides reliable and efficient filtration.

it fits both drying & conveying cannister.

Fits all MJ5-i models for drying & conveying, and JL4 filter and cyclone cannisters.

Gasket Diameter= 198 mm


Legacy SKU: A10664